via.solution IT professional GmbH develops IT infrastructures and solutions for data centers of various vertical markets, including R&D, finance, production, wholesale, R&E and government.

We are able to fulfill an end-to-end process, starting wit DC analysis, conceptional phase, implementation and managed services to support the daily operations. Our main targets cover smart and consolidated infrastructures, data management challenges and IT security needs. As an absolutely independent systems provider and integrator we can deliver best-of-breed solutions with optimum price-benefit ratio.

Your company will not just need a predefined product out of the stock. From our long term experience we know about flexibility and the needs to build a customized reliable solution - our "via.solution" for you!


Lokale Cloud in Wildau

Mit der Intercom Consulting Group betreiben wir ab 2013 ein Rechenzentrum im Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt am Schönefelder Kreuz.

Gemeinsam bieten wir ein sicheres Rechenzentrum mit einer schnellen Anbindung an Ihre IT-Infrastruktur. Sie können Ihre Daten selbst im RZ verwalten, Ihre Hardware auslagern oder eine der Hosted Lösungen in der lokalen Cloud in Wildau in Anspruch nehmen.