Our vision: via.solution


the company name is what we do in general: we unveil new ways to utilize information technology and generate optimized IT architectures. From us you will never get a product right out of stock. Our individual concepts are based on a reliable analysis of the customer needs considering the existing infrastructure and of course budgets.

Our skills are always state-of-the-art: we continiously communicate with hard- and software vendors to stand the challenges from the high-end projects we are involved. That is why we are on the same high level like the vendors consultants. Moreover our knowledge is broader since we bundle products from many companies to real solutions.

We commit ourselves to high quality standards: our consultants and technical staff members are trained on a regular timetable in compnay internal or vendor offered courses. Our capability is demonstrated from countless but approved certificates.

Via.solution links economy and research: we moderate the information exchange from theroy to real IT and vice versa. For this achievement we cooperate with universities and are member in research networks. Our knowledge is forwarderd to trainees and graduands joining us for specific projects.




pleased customers/reliable partners